Find out how to supercharge your data analysis and visualization


DAVe: Data Analysis and Visualization engine

Combine statistical, multivariate, functional, machine learning and network results into rich mapped networks which help connect your data with context.


Quick Start

DAVe is comprised of individual modules which can be linked to create a variety of unique data analysis workflows. The Global Utilities include Data and Report and provide an overview of objects shared by the Data Analysis Tools. The majority of analyses start with data upload using the Data module and then preparation using Preprocess. Check out the Analysis Workflows section for more examles.


Select Modules

The navigation bar is used to select different analyses. Each analysis may also have sub-options. Typical workflows will include choosing modules from the nav bar progressing from left to right and while optimizing each step with sub analyses by progressing through each module's method controls from top to bottom. See the Analysis Workflows section for details how to save and propogate results between induvidual modules.


Module Controls

The sidebar is used to select analyses methods, tune visualizations and specify report options.


Progress Analyses

The tabpanel can be used to switch between calculation, interactive exploration, static plotting and report generation. Use calculate to select method options and generate data objects. Explore provides interactive visualizations, while plot is used to tune how the visualizations will appear in the report. The report tab is used to collect all methods, results and plot settings and generate a report of methods and results. The report may also include additional information not present in the previous tabs and can be dynamically populated based on user selected visualizations. All analyses report results can be combined and further manipulated in navbar Report module.


Results and Methods

This is the main panel where calculation, exploration, plotting and report results will be output to. Results may include both static and interactive results which can be manipulated further.



Select this icon to to view the help menu for each selected analyses.

Analysis Workflows

Each module shares internal workflow elements. The analyses proceed using the calculate tab to set the methods and get results.

The results can be visualized using static plot or interactive explore tabs. The methods, results and created visualizations can be summarized in the report. This can be done iteratively to explore and refine the analysis results and summaries. Once the final results are tuned the data object can be saved using the controls at the bottom of the calculate menu. Its is


to save objects at the end of each module's analysis to propogate them to the to the next module.


Upload Data

Load data from a .csv or saved project.


Prepare Data